T.I.L. Kubernetes label length

Today I Learnt: Kubernetes label length

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T.I.L. How to get the favicon of any site

Today I Learnt: How to get the favicon of any site

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Moving To iOS

Ever since the first batch of Android phones were released in the UK I have been a fan. My first, the HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1), is still my all time favourite phone. The slide out physical keyboard was fantastic. I’ve had a whole range of different Android-based phones both high-end and low-end, some with quirks, some fairly standard, most rooted and tweaked to their limits.

But, in recent years, my enthusiasm for both Android and Google in general has waned. I have been slowly moving away from various Google services over the past couple years. Google search replace by DuckDuckGo, Gmail replaced with ProtonMail, Drive replaced with a self-hosted Nextcloud, etc. while also getting frustrated with the way most Android devices get abandoned soon after launch.

When the new iPhone 12 was released I decided to give it a try (the blue does look very pretty). Rather than just settling for the new iPhone 12 I decided to also pick up an iPad Air for the family (what I’m currently writing this post on).

It’s been at least a couple weeks now since I made the switch so I thought I’d collect some of my thoughts on how I’m finding the change so that maybe it’d be of use to others.

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T.I.L. Golang's append mutates the provided array

Today I Learnt: Golang's append mutates the provided array

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T.I.L. Named returns in Go functions

Today I Learnt: Named returns in Go functions

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