Moving To iOS

Ever since the first batch of Android phones were released in the UK I have been a fan. My first, the HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1), is still my all time favourite phone. The slide out physical keyboard was fantastic. I’ve had a whole range of different Android-based phones both high-end and low-end, some with quirks, some fairly standard, most rooted and tweaked to their limits.

But, in recent years, my enthusiasm for both Android and Google in general has waned. I have been slowly moving away from various Google services over the past couple years. Google search replace by DuckDuckGo, Gmail replaced with ProtonMail, Drive replaced with a self-hosted Nextcloud, etc. while also getting frustrated with the way most Android devices get abandoned soon after launch.

When the new iPhone 12 was released I decided to give it a try (the blue does look very pretty). Rather than just settling for the new iPhone 12 I decided to also pick up an iPad Air for the family (what I’m currently writing this post on).

It’s been at least a couple weeks now since I made the switch so I thought I’d collect some of my thoughts on how I’m finding the change so that maybe it’d be of use to others.

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Unicode Support in Go

With Go being a relatively modern programming language, first released in 2009, it is not unsurprising that it has great support for Unicode strings. What is surprising is just how far this support goes.

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Meetup Alternatives

A look at the various alternatives to after recent online backlash to their proposed new pricing model.

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Recording talks at JSOxford meetups

I've been asked a few times recently about how we record the talks at JSOxford and what equipment we use. I thought it best to write up our process so others can also learn from it.

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Private Variables in JavaScript

JavaScript has had a lot of improvements lately with new syntax and features being added all the time. But some things don't change, everything is still an object, pretty much everything can be altered at runtime and there is no concept of public/private properties. But there are some tricks we can use to change some of this ourselves, in this post I am going to look at the various ways in which we can implement private properties.

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